4" Electroplated Polishing Pads (100 grit)


Electroplated Polishing Pads 100 grit | Artisan 4" Electroplated Disc: Grit 100

For smooth polishing of hard surfaces. 

Disclaimer: use with a backer pad

Artisan's extremely flexible pad for a quicker, smoother, and cleaner polish. They are less durable than honeycomb pads but deliver great results. 

Artisan's 4" Electroplated polishing Pads 100 grit is a highly flexible pad with a high diamond concentration, delivering superior results: a smooth, consistent finish that will leave your surfaces looking better. Great when you're polishing tile, engineered stone, porcelain, quartz surfaces, marble, or granite.

This highly versatile and effective tool will become a staple in your arsenal. 

  • Flexibility to polish the most complex edges
  • Excellent system to have at the job site
  • Premium cooling technology 
  • Recommended Speed: 3.000-7.000 RPMS 


Each grit-polishing pad of the set is progressively less aggressive than before. The lower grit polishing or diamond grit sanding pads, such as the 50, 100, and 200, are more aggressive. The lower grit diamond pads grind down the tile, ceramics, and porcelain lightly. Each grit progression removes the scratches left from the diamond pad used prior. The 400-grit diamond pad is considered more of a finish than a grind or polish.