Why did Cristian Avila the Founder/CEO create the company Artisan Diamond Tools

Late October 2018,

It all started when I was working browsing Youtube.com for ways to make passive income. I had heard about the term "private labeling" but I didn't quite understand it. So I did a little more research and learned that I could start a total new company brand from scratch, and there were tons of suppliers overseas that could make my products. The one thing that made me choose tools is this next line, "focus on something you are already good at, something you know very well". Tile was all I knew; in fact, it was the only job I had ever done for that last 10 years. 

So I took it upon myself to learn about the diamond tools industry. I found there was a big issue with pricing. It just seemed like every big company out there was charging way too much for tools that didn't have to be so unaffordable. So, after testing out several manufacturers' samples, I finally found one that could meet high end quality standards.

But then I thought to myself, this is going to be Impossible and how will I ever compete with giants. Nobody knows me. I have no experience in sales, marketing or anything really, outside of tile. How will anybody trust this new company?

Fast forward 2 years of on and off desicion making, I decided to pull the trigger to jumped onboard with this new company not knowing how anything would ever unfold. I just knew I had a vision and a commitment to myself which was and so began the Artisan Diamond Tools Legacy.  

Cristian At a Tile event hosting the Artisan Booth