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We strive for quality and durability, putting every new tool through extensive testing before they reach your hands. We are based in Denver, CO.

From the people
From the people
Got these drill bits in 1/4, 1/2, and 1, and they work amazing. Hardly any pressure having to be placed behind them to drill into top solids Porcelain Tile and make clean precise holes. Had other ones that took a lot of pressure behind and tended to chip tile when used, but these are soooo much better and I highly recommend them to any tile installer!!!
— Katelyn
From the people
Everything I purchased from artisan is simply amazing. Bits cut through is seconds, both the small and large cones smooth out to perfection, and the sanding and polishing pads are perfect for that final touch up. The 4.5 mesh blade cuts quickly and will be ordering a 10” wet saw blade before my next job.
— Allen M.
From the people
Overall great price, high quality and durability
— Chafic R.
From the people
Really enjoy using this set to give my porcelain, ceramic, or natural stones a nice buff to achieve that nice factory finish. The rubber housing to hold the pads hold very well! I’m liking it so far!!
— Marc Hernandez