Beast Mixer 3.5 gal



 *Ships within 2 weeks*

  • Environmentally friendly and saves on water usage 
  • Efficient multi use liner, can be stored or easily emptied and cleaned and ready for next use
  • Durable, flexible and convenient
  • Time saver

                        BEAST MIXER

    Please Read and Regard All Instructions and Disclaimers!!!!!

    FOR USE: 

    The key to using your Beast Mixer is to keep the sidewalls clean during use. A tip is to quickly sponge top and sidewalls in between mixes and during the day which leads to quite easy end of the day cleanup. At the end of the day, scrape all unused material down to the bottom of the liner in a mass of leftover material. You must keep your Beast Mixer clean down to the point of disposal or future buildup may occur. Clean the Beast Mixer well with a sponge and the next day you will remove your dry mass and reuse. The Beast Mixer is not meant to be nonstick. Beast Mixer is built for mechanical strength to give years of service life. If you use up your complete mixture, simply clean your Beast Mixer for the next day. If you use this standard of practice, you will yield these results every time. If build-up of thin set or material occurs, you can emulsify or eat the thin set or materials from the liner with either Sulfamic acid crystals or user- friendly muriatic acid. Simply fill your Beast Mixer with water to the point it needs cleaned and add your crystals or liquid till you see a fizzing or reaction. Let the acid do the work and you can aid in scrubbing with a stiff bristle poly brush. Depending on the build-up it may take a few days or so. After you reset your Beast Mixer, you need to condition your liner with a rubber conditioner (ex…303 Aerospace Protectant or Mequier’s RV Rubber and Vinyl Protectant). Note that some aggressive thin sets or materials are very sticky and may require more frequent wipe downs during usage. Use caution when using certain aggressive thin sets, test a small inconspicuous area on the outside of the Beast Mixer! Lastly, do not expose Beast Mixer to outside elements for a long period of time ( Sun, UV, Harsh weather ). There are never problems, just solutions @Beast Mixer!

    Thank you very much and enjoy!

                  Terms and Conditions:

    Do not use with sharp or razor-like objects, includes mixers and double mixers with worn out or SHARP ENDS OR POINTS!
    Can be a drowning hazard to infants, Toddlers or small animals when installed in any rigid buckets!
    Not rated for epoxy grout, urethanes, or Oil-Based products.
    Service life is contingent on proper Use care and

    Maintenance. Hand made in WY,USA

    No return or warranty implied due to long

    Service life afforded.