Artisan Vacuum Suction Cup


  • Industrial Vacuum Suction Cup: Heavy-duty glass suction cups, simple operation of the air pump pressing, super suction, easy to absorb smooth objects, efficient, labor-saving and convenient.
  • 8 inch Vacuum Suction Cup: thickened ABS engineering material handle, ergonomic design, anti-skid, high durability, not easy to wear. High quality rubber pad, 210 mm wide large suction cup, thick and durable. The bottom texture is professionally designed and can adsorb a variety of surfaces, such as car windshield curved glass etc, which is widely used.
  • Load capacity within 407lbs: Super suction vacuum suction cup can vertically adsorb 407 pounds of each suction cup. If the object being carried is heavy , the number of suction cups can be appropriately configured to evenly disperse the bearing capacity. it suitable for smooth surfaces, especially for large glass, ceramic tiles, wooden floors, stone, gypsum board, furniture, metal, plastic and other smooth surfaces.
  • The suction cup only acts on the surface of a smooth, non-porous, and airtight object. The surface of the object to be adsorbed should be larger than the size of the suction cup. Before use, make sure that the surface of the adsorbed object is clean, free of water and oil.
  • Simple and Safe: press the air pump to inhale and absorb, press repeatedly until the red line disappears, then let it stand for 30 seconds, and slowly lift the object. Convenient vent, simple operation, press and hold the vent valve, the red line pops out to remove the adsorbed object.