Artisan Large Diamond Cone Bit


The Artisan Big Diamond Cone Bit is specially designed for enlarging, shaping, and/or round beveling existing holes in Porcelain, Ceramic, and Natural Stones. 

Functions - To enlarge, shape, and trim existing holes in ceramic, marble, and granite tiles. 

Premium Material - Featuring a diamond-coated metal and a premium diamond, this diamond conical bit is made for durability and longevity. To ensure more effective cleaning and trimming, it uses high-quality raw materials.

Great Choice - The large chamfer bit is a great choice because it can be used to enlarge holes of different sizes up to 3". No need to purchase several bits.

Size - The size of Artisan Large Diamond Cone Bit diameter ranges from 1-11/16" (27mm) to 3" (72mm), the thread is 5/8"-11

Important - It fits on 5/8"-11 thread angle grinders and can be used with water or without water, very easy to operate. It cannot be used for drilling holes, it can enlarge, shape, and trim existing holes.


Porcelain, Ceramic, and Natural Stone Tile

Recommended RPM 11,000
Max RPM 14,000
Diameter 1-1/4" - 3"