1-1/4" Diamond Hole Saw

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These Artisan Brazed Core Bits/ Hole (1-1/4" Brazed Core Bit/ Hole Saw) are ideal for drilling porcelain, granite, marble, and other hard tiles.

Suitable for professional tilers, plumbers, electricians, and DIY enthusiasts.

Why Artisan 1-1/4" Brazed Core Bit/ Hole Saws?

Advanced Technology - By using advanced technology, the industrial diamond grains are permanently brazed to the steel core, creating an unbreakable, extremely heat-resistant segment. The drill could be used in dry conditions or wet conditions, which is very convenient.

High-quality Bits - These tile hole saw are made from high-quality materials. They not only provide fast and smooth drilling but also ensure a longer working life.

Different Sizes - Different sizes are available for these core bits. You can purchase a specific sizes or a complete sets of core bits.

Wide Application - You can use a variable speed grinder with a 5/8-11" thread, or an adapter. The brazed core bits are great for dry drilling holes through porcelain tile, ceramics, marble granite, stone, masonry, and brick with ease.